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1970 Stillwater MN

1970 Swinger in Stillwater, MN


SURVIVOR  1970 Dodge dart 340 4sp. Car has 47,000 actual miles and original paint. All original interior and headliner are mint as well. Car has original ralley wheels and very good tires. Not many original […]

1969 Barrie ON

1969 Swinger in Barrie, ON


I have pretty well all new parts, new paint, New vinyl roof, new headliner, new bumpers, new upholstery, new door panels,front and back, new windshield, front and back, original engine, original rad, original am radio. […]

1969 Swinger in Vancouver, BC

British Columbia

Dodge Dart Swinger 340 Real P code Numbers matching car. Arrow straight body with stunning R4 red paint and black interior with new carpet and headliner original a.m. radio. Super solid body, re-chromed bumpers. Original […]

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Brief History of Dodge Dart Nameplate

The Dodge Dart nameplate was used by Chrysler for a line of low priced muscle cars that fluctuated from full to mid-sized and compact from 1960 to 1976. (Please note that Dodge also uses the Dart nameplate today for a car that is not related in any way to the vehicles discussed on this site.)

Original 1st Gen (1960-1961) Dart’s were large sedans and wagons before becoming a mid-sized car in 1962 for a short 2nd generation body redesign. For the 3rd Gen (1963-1966) Dodge adopted the “senior compact” class and finally fell more into a muscle car compact design in 1967 which would carry through to the end of the classic Dart line. 1967 ushered in the GT and GTS trims which could include more powerful 340 5.6L V8 engines and eventually in 1969 the iconic Dodge Dart Swinger 340 was released.

After 1969 Dodge experimented with various trim designs including the Demon, Sizzler, Sport with available hardtop, convertible and coupe options. Although the Dart was discontinued in 1976 due to an ever changing automobile market and demand for better fuel economy; it is still widely known as one of the most successful compact American cars that was available.

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